Looking to move our spreadsheet to an online web based input with database behind it

Hello Team,

I as well see this community as a group of very smart people so I’m wondering if any of you could suggest some solutions for me on a task I’m working on.

We currently have an excel spreadsheet we use to enter data and calculate results based on simple multiplication formulas within some cells. I’d like to move this spreadsheet to be a web based gui with a database to save the data. I have tested putting the database into Nextcloud which does work…but the cells with forumulas are not protected. As well our staff will have to remember to make a copy of the original template and not overwrite the template so we can create new reports/spreadsheets when next they need to be filled out.

I’ve also thought of using VBA in Excel to give me a GUI input form for data entry. But this still results in the use of a template to have new spreadsheets created.

Can anyone suggest a web based solution where I can create a simple GUI form for data entry and save this data into a database. I will need to be able to add some formulas to the data entered as well.

I’ve heard of CRM type apps like Dolibarr and OpenProject but I’ve not used these at all so I can’t comment on if they would provide me the above requirements.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.

You might want to have a look at http://xataface.com/

I’ve used that web interface to provide controlled data entry to a database.

I have also used it to provide a web interface to millions of rows of data from an AS400 that I imported into MariaDB.

You can even export all the data out of the table from it into a CSV file that you can import elsewhere…such as a Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel for additional features.

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