Looking for Mentimeter


sorry for putting this into the wrong channel - this is more mix between “who knows” and “feature request”:

For an online presentation, I do set up a mentimeter slide deck. Mentimeter ist a live and online feedback site. You can interact with your audiance. However, professional Mentimeter Accounts are expensive - And I am not willing to pay at least 120 Euro for a one year subsciption if I need just one, maybe two presentations.

Question: Does anybody know an Open Source Self hostest solution? Has somebody installed something like that on top of nethserver?

Thank you and best regards

According to AlternativeTo, there is PINGO and Particify. Both OpenSource but do not know if they can be self-hosted.

Yes, I found both tools, too. Alternativeto.net is usually my first choice.
But you are right: I am not shure how to host on my own server. I thing Particify has a dockers image, but it has to be compiled from foss - to much for for my little brain :slight_smile:

If someone has done that I would apprciate any step-by-step guide 4 dummies …

Are you wanting something like live polling I know nextcloud has a polls app

Also I came across this https://www.g2.com/categories/audience-response/free