Looking for a NethServer Expert

Hello Guys,

Just a couple of weeks ago I set up a Nethserver in my office and everything is working well but now I have some serious problems. I am looking for an expert who can help me in a serious time.

Kind Regards,

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There are many experts here who can probably help you. If you begin by describing your problems in detail, that would be a good start.


Dear Dan,

I have a problem with the VPN configuration using IPsec as described in this post
[Looking for VPN Help and Nethserver Expert]


What do you mean with “a serious time” ?
Some of us helped you here for free. So be kind with them. Your “serious time” would be understood as offensive.

If you need professional support I suggest you subscribe a plan here.

I am sorry if my words “Serious-time” hurt someone. I didn’t mean to be offensive.

I’m confused. Why start a new thread to ask for help with something you’re already getting help for in another thread?

Actually I was looking for someone who can help me, as Alessio suggest me to subscribe a plan from if I need professional support. In this thread, I wasn’t asking something technical rather I was looking for an expert.

After an expert in cooking recipes maybe?:grinning:
The expert you want for Nethserver will have to deal with the technique anyway and also have the corresponding background knowledge. Maybe you should describe more exactly what you want to achieve.