Login without Nethserver Domain Controller

i’ve 3 desktop pc and 1 laptop registered into Nethserver. When they are connected to LAN everything work correctly but for example if i take my laptop and go away from office i can’t access with my user credentials because windows 10 tells me that is not able to find the domain controller. Is there a solution to solve this problem?
Thank you!!

You have 2 options here:

I guess it depends on the workstation setup. When the laptop is away it decides what to do if the DC is not available.

The third way is set up a VPN connection.

Hi @davidep, sorry but it’s no possible with VPN because if i doesn’t have internet connection on my laptop i can’t open a VPN. My Laptop also doesn’t allow me to login to windows. @robb i think that cached domain credentials is a solution. I’ll try to configure.