Login to samba shares fail with short usernames

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: Samba

Hi, I can’t login with short usernames, only with full user@domain format.

Can’t figure out what’s wrong. Some weeks ago I tested it with short name and it worked perfectly fine. Now migrating samba shares from old servers it isn’t working anymore.

I use local Nethserver Active Directory as user database.

I’ve setup samba audit but computer log files are empty.

Any help will be very appreciated.



I must mention computers are setup in a WORKGROUP, that said, I found login succeeds not only with user@domain also with DOMAIN\user, but it fails with user alone.

Is it possible to do change that behavior?


If you have installed Active Directory the only method to login is using user@domain.ext, user@ad.domain.ext or DOMAIN\user.

If you use LDAP you can login also only with username, but you can’t manage permissions on shared folders.