Login issues with email and server requires reboot

Ok this is a strange one, recently users are experiencing issues with logins to the server using outlook and the only thing that seems to fix the issue is a reboot of nethserver and then it works again.

Just updated 21/10/2023

Nethserver 7.9.2009 (final)

The strange thing is this is happening on 2 completely seperate nethserver installs at 2 different locations, installed and setup completely seperately

Any ideas?

p.s ill get log files the next time it happens

Hi @derilium

Maybe you have this problem?



Other issue to hunt is the sssd service that could stop to work. Under load it could fail to start automatically

Thanks Uwe, its possible though it seems to be happening to all clients at the same time so points to a server issue.

Thanks will see what happens when it stops, cheers for the info

basically if sssd stops, all clients are refused to authenticate, if fail2ban is installed, it is even worse, the clients are banned