Login from Domain User takes a lot of time to load


I am using nethserver 6.7 version. Now the issue is , I have joined domain and copied 150 GB Data in Thunderbird profile which is in Domain profile. Domain profile uploaded 150 Gb Data on the server and now when i try to login and logout take minimum 30 min to load. its very slow to load. Users are getting panic.

So i would request please tell us precise strategy for this issue.



sorry but… do you really expect to use roaming profiles with 150 GB of data?

we can’t help you if you don’t tell us what are you aiming to and what are your needs.

Dear Zamboni,

i want to use our OLD Emails which have 50 GB in size and new email will be come in Other New thunderbird profile. So i will use 2 profiles in thunderbird .

Now thunderbird profile comes under domain profile and 50 GB load is increased on in Roaming Profile.

Now i have 100 GB Data which is lying On Desktop, Document etc.

So my concern is i want to see my old emails and new emails also and my docs are also important. So thats why i want to use 150 GB Roaming profile.
If i ll be outside of the office and will connect from VPN, i hope it should sync from server.

but Now i am facing login issue bue to 150GB Roaming profile. is there any solution to login fast or someother way we can solve this issue.


the only way to solve this issue is to move all your emails from local profiles to the imap server and use imap protocol…

roaming profiles are not designed to work with such amount of data

about documents: move them on a shared folder on the server… user will access them via shared network folder

with a 10Gb NIC it is designed for that purpose :slight_smile:

no, even with such a network infra, windows will suffer such amount of data…

@OP: if you want to solve your issue, you can think in another way: think about remote terminals

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AFAIK, you have to read at least this Microsoft document:

Roaming profiles are more a windows thing than a NethServer issue.


It’s seem that 150 Gb in a Thundirdbird profile is… Exceptional, at least.

In the Internet, in the network, and access to the data history, there’s alway the problematc: where to put the data?
With an analisys, you will know the answer, you will know where to put the data.

For exemple: the DNS… You can put locally, or on the Network,or let the provider DNS, or use a root DNS. When you analyse this situation, you can see where to put your dns server. In general, for an enterprise, it’s on the local network.
Other exemple: Browser cache… there’s a local cache, the proxy cache, the provider cache… And so on… Depending of your broadband, you will see if a proxy on your network worth or not.

Even a Cloud service, is not more than another someone computer with a system of cache to be rapidly accessible.

So, a profile of 150 Gb must be local!
You can think about how to archive this profile and how to backup to profile.
Is all data in this profile must be instant accessible? Is there somethinf that can be arquived? or splited by pertinence, by year or other organization system.

150 Gb… THere’s something wrong.
Just think that Outlook, with x10 fewer data was already in collapse :anguished:

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I would suggest to move the thunderbird profile away from the windows profile. If you absolutely need a copy of the profile, use something to sync the .thunderbird directory to the home directory of the user. Then loading the profile will just happen from local system and there is a copy on a networkshare.
Isn’t it the same with other data? You don’t keep that in your windows profile. You put it on a networkshare, or if needed offline, on the local system and sync on a networkshare.