Login failed after the first installation

I am new to Nethserver

I just installed Nethserver but i can not log into the dashboard with my username and password.

I can login to the machince locally or via ssh but not the web dashboard
I keep getting an error of incorrect userid or password

I even tried the credentials i found on the docs.
"The default credentials to login on cluster-admin are

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Nethesis,1234"
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Welcome, Jay!
A bit strange but you can try resetting admin’s password:

Reset the cluster administrator password

If you are locked out of the web user interface and you can still access a system command-line >shell as root (e.g. by the system recovery console or SSH), run the following command to >disable 2FA and reset the password:

api-cli run alter-user --data '{"user":"admin","set":{"password":"Nethesis,1234","2fa":false}}'


could you elaborate a bit more on how you installed (OS/method), on what and what exactly you mean with ‘my username and password’ please?


Another option is to wait a bit before login as, depending on system speed and resources, there could be some incomplete task still running in the backgroud. Same suggestion was made in another topic.

I didn’t experienced this login problem with cluster-admin but for nextcloud+AD users.

Installed on a tower server.
Created a user during the install.
I am able to use that user name and password to access the server via SSH or directly on the device

When I go to the website I get an error or invalid username and password for the same username and password used to access via SSH

Not using AD but I’ll give this a try

Hi @jayfizze

The user you created has no cluster-admin right other than he should be able to access to only change his password. I do not remember the URL to change the password of the created user.

The user root can not login in ssh until you login with the created user, then "su - " using the created user’s pasword; when you are root, give yourself the right to login by “PermitRoorLogin=Yes”.

Login to cluster -admin as root and make the created user an admin of the cluster.