Logging level rspamd to verbose

While monitoring arm-stuff got a bit annoyed with the verbose logging of rspamd in the syslogs :tired_face:

Turns out the log-level set to info :

# cat /etc/rspamd/logging.inc | grep level
level = "info";

reduced it by dropping a local (override) setting by creating the file:


with this contend: (EDIT changed from warning to notice, see post below)

# cat /etc/rspamd/local.d/logging.inc

# log level possible settings:
# error         : log only critical errors
# warning       : log errors and warnings
# notice        : log only important notices
# info          : log all non-debug messages
# silent        : log at info level on start and then reduce to notice level when forking worker processes
# debug         : log all including debug messages (huge amount of logging)

level = "notice";

and restarted rspamd

And it got " o so quiet …shh… shh" :blush:

Seriously, like it much more this way and the log-messages make more sense ! I’d like to see a lower log-level by default…


Those are important notices. I’m afraid we can’t miss them :slightly_smiling_face:

“notice” is still lower (=better) then “info”. :wink: