Log Viewer not displaying Large Log Files in Firefox or Chrome Browser

Finding that Firefox or Chrome not able to view large log files when using Dashboard Log viewer… Works ok when reading log file with smaller file size.
i.e. the fail2ban log file size grew to 39,753,0881 ( 40MB ) , logviewer was not able to load this file.

If there a maximum file size limit that the Dashboard Logviewer can read or load ?


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AFAIK there is no such limit. Maybe a limit on the browser side?

Can you see the console log of the browser and search for any error?

Thnx for the reply…I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 and Firefox 54.0 … Looking at Firefox console error log … didn’t see any error log.

@davidep any idea on this?

Can you see any error in /var/log/messages or /var/log/httpd-admin/error_log ?

BTW the Server Manager log viewer is poorly implemented and does not like big files… To inspect big log files the right tools are CLI-based: grep, less…

I check the /var/log/httpd-admin/error_log … the file is empty… There’s no error related to the log_viewer in /var/log/messages.
This used to work … only just recently I found it had problem reading…If the delete the large fail2ban file and restart the fail2ban service, I can view the log…when the file size is quite small.

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I have the same problem sometimes… but also no solution… :frowning: