Local Samba and Nextcloud

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: samba or NFS in Nextcloud

Hello Guys (and IT-Girls hope there will be more step by step).
Back from the EUvsVirus hackaton. But later morre about it.

For my hacker team i try to build a Nextclout with Talk and Onlyoffice. (some extra questions for talk later) but back to the basics.

Whats about NFS in Neth and Nextcloud. Is there a solution ?

I try to let the users use there local (same AD/LDAP Server) samba as a external storage.
At this time i try the locla Users and Groups included in Nextcloud.

The solution for External Storage with Samba i try and use it. :slight_smile: but there the User had Identify with a extra Password and User/Group. I lkie to use teh local ones :slight_smile: will be perfect with home to.

There was thomething about home, but i do not understand it :frowning:

What is the best way with AD/Samba/Nextcloud. In a perfect world it will be use Password an user that looged in (the Kerberus cert?)


Maybe this post can hep you?: