Local rules for custom services

[Note: I’m not sure about the Bug category]

A custom network service[¹] opens a port on the system, but it’s not shown by the new cockpit server-manager.
It is, in the Network services page using the old NethGUI server-manager.

Using the firewall local rules page to display such services could be an option.
The Services page another option.
Also, not displaying them at all could be valid (you add it from the command line).
What is the expected way to have a list of open ports/services?


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Hi @filippo_carletti
I think that is not a bug but a #feature.

In my opinion, we have to show custom services into Services page as old NethGUI. It can be very helpful also because now Cockpit show also properties.

Meanwhile we can also optimize this page by showing service ports and access as follow:

I was talking about it here: Cockpit where are the firewall rules for services and policies?

We can improve this page and show all services informations into Services page and not into two pages as old NethGUI (Network services and Firewall one).

What do you think?

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In fact this is the reason why you can’t see such services right now. To remove this limitation we just need to delete this line.

I like Federico idea, but I would propose to push it forward: also add a button to add a custom service directly from the UI. The UI should display in different manner both system services from packages (the ones which has the file inside /etc/e-smith/db/configuration/defaults/) and the one added by users which can be deleted.

Also I’d like to restore the old Nethgui behavior and add a button to change the access of a service.
Finally, I think that such built-in rules should be visible under the firewall module, maybe we can just add an option to show/hide them.

What do you think @dev_team @davide_marini @nrauso?

Agreed, the loss of this capability is a serious regression.

Agreed as well.


+1 for danb35 opinion

@giacomo Why you want to put access change button under firewall module? If someone do not have firewall module installed can’t see this part and don’t change services access from Cockpit.

Maybe I didn’t explain myself well: I’d put the button to change the access directly to service page.

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I like that! :+1:

This is a great idea: it would ease firewall configuration in particular when you’re dealing with third-party sw.