Local mail server

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
I need to create a local mail server with protocol

  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP
    and using Webmail (Roundcube)

I have already a email server from my supplier.

What I would to create is a system where I can read/send email from local server for device connected to LAN (ethernet or wifi) and read/send email from my supplier serevr for out of oddice devices.

How I can set up mail server to

  • download email from online server (and left them there till 300 days)
  • synchronize outgoing mail from local to online

Fabio Codebue

You may use the pop3 connector for downloading mails.

This could be achieved with the smarthost setting.

It’s not recommended to use connectors and smarthost, from the docs:

It is not recommended to use the POP3 connector as the primary method for managing email. Mail delivery can be affected by disk space and connectivity problems of the provider’s server. Also, the spam filter will be less effective due to the original email envelope information becoming lost.

Sending through a smarthost is generally not recommended. It might be used only if the server is temporarily blacklisted [14], or normal SMTP access is restricted by the ISP.

Check also the wiki for more information about protecting an email server.