Local and remote storage

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: your_module N/A

Folks im trying to be more grown up with my servers and would like to consider putting nethserver’s “app data” onto remote storage - which is currently an old NAS unit until i get my SAS array up and running… theres something quite pleasing (although ocasionaly time consuming) about running a business with archaelogical relics!.. does anyone see any concerns, beyond a performance hit, of putting /var/lib/nethserver on a NAS mount? would i be better advised to put /var/lib/nethserver/vmail on the NAS mount and keep the rest local … i have no real concerns around email performance and am keen to free up disk space on the Linux server for other projects…

I would suggest to use the backupfunction, Configuration > Backup (data) of Nethserver. I use it to backup all my data to a NAS via NFS-protocoll…

thanks fausp - im already doing that - my question relates to the active server data as opposed to backups… you have prompted me to make sure my backups go to a separate NAS unit though if i go down this route!

Hi Alex, what do you mean with active server data ?

Hi Fausp - i mean the data that comprises the nethserver instance - everything the nethserver applications utilise to function… as opposed to backups which are purely a point in time dump of this data!

I think you just have to test it, it depends on the networkspeed, the power of the NAS… and so on. I would suggest to buy additional disks for the nethserver… but if this is not an option try to mount the NAS and do some testing…

wise words Fausp



Just make sure your NAS is stable and reliable!

During periods of “intense” Disk usage, say when your NethServer is doing it’s backups (To a different NAS) you might notice your NAS going up to 100% CPU - a lot of NAS use the CPU to implement RAID, abd intense Disk usage can almost bring one to their knees…

Another consideration would be to use say iSCSI instead of NFS…

It all depends on your requirements, the NAS and it’s capabilities.

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So basically you want to use something like iSCSI target for your data (/var/lib/nethserver)
Does NethServer support that? Or how could that be implemented? Info redhat documentation for iSCSI

If it were for me, I would focus on adding an extra disk to your NS and mount that as /var/lib/nethserver if you insist on reasonably traditional way of configuring a server. Since I use virtualization, I have a lot more options and am much more flexible,

Just for start, you can mount /var/lib/nethserver/ directly from the NAS.
Almost every data is inside that directory, except for MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases which are using the default program-specific directories.