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Hey guys! Newbie here. I’m trying to configure my device running Nethserver 7 so I can make a stable enough load balancing. After configuring two different WAN interfaces, both with static IP’s and gateways, I want to configure load balancing in a way that the internet connection keeps running by one of them when I unplug the other, and vice versa. I’m testing all kinds of logical interface bonds, but I can’t seem to make it work, since the bond makes it one’s IP address and other’s gateway. Could you guys bring me some light to this issue, so I can make both of them work separately, but in load balancing means? Thanks!

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009

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Provider Failover and Internet Load Balancing are two very different issues!
And need very different solutions for incoming traffic.
Even providing Load-Balancing for “just” outgoing traffic can have their caveats, incomming is much much more difficult.

This is so called Provider Failover, and does not strictly include any functions for of using both connections at the same time.

“Logical” tools like NIC Bonding will not work here!

As to the question:
NethServer 7 will be reaching EOL in less than 6 Months.
NS8, the soon to be released follow-up, does NOT include a firewall.
NethSecurity, running as it’s own box or as a VPN, is the follow-up for NS7 firewall functionality.
So why are you investing time in NS7, and especially as firewall?


I have been using NethServer 7 for over five years. I only have a clud instance where I use the firewall in NethServer 7. For ALL of my 30+ clients, I use OPNsense as Firewall, on a dedicated box.
OPNsense can handle as many Provider Failover with Load Balencing as you want (And have NICs available!).

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Oof! Thanks for letting me know about that! I guess I’ll have to think of better solutions for this, then.

NethServer is a good universal server.
But as a firewall…

I have my reasons for not using NethServer as DNS or firewall.

Have a look at OPNsense for a good firewall. Or the Alpha release of NethSecurity.


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