Linking each module to its documentation


I must say that Nethserver is documentation is really great, much better than most of the open source solutions one can find on the net. I believe that each module should have a help button that provides a link to the full documentation.

What do you think ? I could help if needed.


The Help button is already present, and shows a brief documentation about the shown page…

Are you saying it should point to the online manual?

Yes exactly !

The “inline help” page purpose is describing the UI parts in few words, to help on figuring out what each control does, whilst the online doc should help on configuring the system as a whole.

Being inline means

  • it’s always available, even without Internet connection
  • it’s (at least should be) bound to the page version it’s describing


  • keeping it up-to-date is quite boring
  • its translation workflow isn’t based on Transifex, like the UI labels and online manual

My proposal is:

  • Add a link to inline help page pointing to the online manual
  • Implement Transifex workflow for inline docs /cc @dev_team @translations_team

@pagaille what do you think? Can you open a couple of PRs to add those links?


Yes! There are so many times where I asked questions after looking at the inline help but neglecting the online manual…


All right, I’ll open the PR during the holidays. Thanks @davidep and @planet_jeroen I feel less alone :slight_smile:


I think that without an internet connection not having a doc is one of my last problems :slight_smile:

I agree with the proposal. Less effort, always updated documentation, transifex compliant


I did a first step here :

I’m afraid that transitionning to transifex for the translations is out of my reach at the time being.

Currently the documentation links to the ‘latest’ version of the documentation. Is it an issue ?


I’d go with “v7” instead because “latest” is for development

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