Link the firewall of OPNsense to the AD in Nethserver

I am new in Nethserver, and I have tried to link the firewall of OPNsense to the AD in Nethserver without results. I always receive the error message in authentication, and the parameters are correct, as I also tried them with Softerra Ldap Administrator, and they are ok, but with OPNsense it dosen’t work, could you help me with the OPNsense part


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I do not use AD on my OPNsense, but NethServer AD and OPNsense CAN connect.
Ilias, a guy I helped install Proxmox on a hosted server and introduced him to OPNsense.
In his case an AD connection with OPNsense made sense.

What you’re forgetting is the SSL Certificate Nethserver uses, but also OPNsense uses a SSL Certificate. If you want / need to use AD for eg VPN users, you need to make sure both NethServer and OPNsense use the same certificate. Ilias made his NethServer use LetsEncrypt (A good choice). This changes the certificate every three months. So he - at first - copied over the LetsEncrypt cert over to OPNsense by hand. This worked, so some automatic magic was needed, everytime LetsEncrypt certificate get renewed, at the end of that script in NethServer he added in a “Software Hook”, trigering the copying over of the certificate to OPNsense from NethServer.

See this Post by @Elleni:

I’m sure Elleni (Ilias) can help you with some details.


Tried to explain here. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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