Link open app on NS8

It would be nice to have the link in the installed apps to open the site as it is already on nextcloud



Only nextcloud have link



Hello, this is because the initial Kickstart did not have that enabled, while in most apps I have built have that implementation, it’s up to the developer of the module to implement it.

To have this enabled moving forward, 2 things need to happen.

Could you kindly list all the apps that do not have this functionality at the moment. To keep track of which ones are implemented

The Kickstart module needs to be modified to include this feature. That way, future modules by app developers pre implement the function

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Thank you



If possible, would be “nice to have” for all apps that can be opened in a web browser.
dokuwiki and possibly other apps don’t have it.

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@edoardo_spadoni @davidep what do you think?

Application developers can implement a status dashboard card with the “Open app” button. Existing modules need a UI code change to add it.

@davidep I see merit in this, could we try to have this implemented in all existing modules.

Equally we need to have existing Kickstart module updated with said UI elements, so that future apps have it.

@stephdl could you kindly implement in your pgsql and mariadb Kickstart

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but no ETA

my apologise, ill submit a PR on the same

I am looking forward to this though stephdl · GitHub

SO that i can use the same principle to implement on other Apps i have been working.

well honestly phpmyadmin I do not want to disable it, I am waiting the feature in the core to disable the public access

people who do not need phpmyadmin to manage their databases, do not need me to run their own database container

Would this be applicable to other app services as well. Eg.
If I build a calibre app that implements calibre web and calibre server. I could then invoke your script to enable/ disable public access for calibre server, while leaving calibre web accessible on public right?

it is not my script, the PR should be done to the set-route action of traefik

I’m going off-topic and probably has been answered before. On apps composed of multiple “components” (i.e. nginx, phpmyadmin, sftpgo…), is there some control to stop one of them? stop service, pause pod (don’t know if freezes resources’ consumption, although seem a related article but regarding docker), etc. I take it that with some components like web apps that are installed on top of a webserver and don’t have an associated service the only option is to restrict access.

Feel free to move this post to the corresponding topic.

@dnutan at the moment, there is no safe way to stop a specific service inside an app.

All services are implemented are required and dependent, if you stop one, chances are the rest will fail

In fact I did it for dokuwiki, I need to push my PR