Link for address book: mail users

NethServer release 7.4.1708
SOGo 3

How can I access from thunderbird or outlook (both clients synchronized with SOgo 3) to the contact list: mail users ?. Only the list of personal contacts, has CardDAV and CardDAV links.

Nethserver users could be integrated via ldap:

Should also work in outlook but I never tested.

Docs about thunderbird/sogo integration:


Nice synctool:


Thank you very much for the information. I commented:

  • I have tried the Ldap information with thunderbird and it actually works, but when I open the screen to write a new email and write the username, it does not do the search. The search is done only directly on the Address Book screen, how can I make it work in the search when writing or replying to an email?

  • The theme of thunderbird sogo integration, something was clear and working with the connector. I find it difficult to use integrator, since the documentation says open a file and put data and rezip it, but when I open the file, there are several folders and it does not indicate the location of the file and after packaging, the extension is renamed .

  • The Outlook CalDav Synchronizer connector, yes, works very well with Outlook.

  • Try to try the link that you shared from ldap with outlook, but, it does not throw me of error nor the information, apparently it makes the connection, but, it does not show me the contacts.