Limiting badwidth per user / per IP

(Prakash B S) #1

This is my secnario for Nethserver deployment.
I have 2 WAN links (20 Mbps Broadband + 4G Router) , and one LAN., which will be connected to one Wifi Access Point.
40 to 60 Users, will be connected to this one Access Point (Ruckus 7372)

Where can i enable following features.?

For regular users, I want to allow with MAC ID and speed restriction for each user / IP.
For visitors, I want to get a small login page.

And I am putting it on Balanced Mode., will i get combined speed.
I want max traffic should go to 20 Mbps line.,

(Alessio Fattorini) #2

Take a look at this:
You can configure priority rule also by IP

That’s an hotspot feature, available only for NethServer Enterprise version.