Limited filtering

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: web proxy

I created a filter in a Web proxy and restricted users. But how can I make sure that several computers have full Internet access (without filtering)?

Web proxy-Hosts without proxy- I create a host And access to all sites is lost (this host)

How to remove filtering for 1 computer?

You can bypass the proxy for that IP, or, create a “permit-all” filter for the specific host,

How to do it?

Simply follow the inline help inside the web interface, also you can have more info from the manual.

Proxy bypass:

Proxy filter:

I have created a filter all in which I selected Allow all, block the selected content. This filter works for the profile all1 - the green zone.

I create another 1 filter with the name test1 in which I Allow all, block the selected content (I do not choose the category for blocking), I create a metest profile in which I select the host ( + the filter test1.
But the filtering continues to work on the filter all that applies to the green zone.

Help me!

Please, help us to help you. Post your whole configuration, hoping someone can spot the mistake.

What kind of data is needed?

Type: tar -zcvf cfg.tgz /var/lib/nethserver/db
Then upload the file cfg.tgz somewhere and share the link privately with me.

I can’t reproduce the problem. You have blocked hacking for lan and allowed all from
If I try to go to a website in the hacking category from I can view it. From every other pc I can’t.