Limit the Internet speed

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908

Greetings. There was a need to limit the Internet speed for 1 IP. How can I do that?

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You have to set QoS

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Have a look here:
I think this is what you’re looking for.

To set the connection speed in cockpit, go to firewall/WAN and click on the red interface, if not already done. :wink:


In this times Internetspped is limited by them self an by virus :wink: only a joke.

You need QoS -> Quality of service

So can limit by IP or by service.

This function is part of your router (normaly)

Your router can be a part of Neth …
I am using a external one

I need to restrict the IP that is on the GREEN network.
I could not find QoS in NS.

Hello Valeriy

Ntopng shoud be the package. Nomaly it is a part of the router.
but never try it :frowning:
I am using a AVM 7590 VDSL Modem and router, it is a part there…

1st create a class like this:
Limit bandwith to i.e. 50%

2nd create a rule like this:
Leave service clear to set ANY.

Now the IP you specified in Source is limited to 50%. Also possibel to give “kbit” in class.
If you want to limit the hole green network, give green as source.

Traffic shapping = fireQoS = QoS = Quality of Sevice. Config file is in /etc/firehol/fireqos.conf
You can specify min and max rates there. In this case you want to give a max rate IIUC.


Where exactly should I do this?

Goto to applications, open firewall settings, goto Traffic Shaping

1st crerate a class / 2nd create a priority rule

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Hi @Valeriy, did you manage to limit internet bandwidth of the specific IP?

No. This does not work. I created the rules, but the speed does not change.

Did you set up- and download bandwidth to te real values in firewall/WAN? => see red aroows in the pic.
Without that traffic-shapping won’t work.
I assume you did apply the rules before testing. :wink:

I tested this and it works, so there must be a missconfiguration at your system.


Thanks for the help. Now everything works!
This must be added to WIKI.

Do you think that documentation on that is not enough?