Limit number of data backups

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: Backup
I have configured the data backup to run once per day and store it on a NAS using sftp/rsync. I would like to limit how many copies of the backup, say I want to keep the backups for 14 days and then automatically delete them. Is it possible out of the box?



In the GUI you CAN limit the amount of days the backups are kept…

Screenshots taken from older Dashboard (The Server runs in german, I can’t get the newer cockpit in english, the older dashboard offers a choice of languages):

The newer cockpit also has these options…

My 2 cents

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Language change is possible in the profile menu:


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The backup configuration in cockpit is not synced to the old interface, there it looks like I haven’t configured backup. I did finally find the setting if I configured it to use Restic, doesn’t exist for Rsync, so now have I have to wait and see if it works as intended.


The option is also there for duplicity…

The old server manager only supports one backup named “backup-data”, see the docs.