Limit file on sftpgo

NethServer Version: 8
Hi everyone,
I’m writing to you about a problem I’m having on NS8 which I recently installed for testing.
Regarding the “virtualhost” module, after having correctly configured sftpgo and everything else, when I go to upload the folders, I receive an error in which it is indicated that I cannot upload more than 30 files, in the settings however the limit I set is much higher, I can’t understand what the reference configuration file is to change the limit, I also checked as sftpgo administrator and I don’t see any limitations, I attach some images hoping for some response. Thanks in advance

Imposed limit on sftpgo webclient:

The upload window became very slow/unresponsive if you upload many files at the same time


  • use another sftp client (protocol is not limited only the webclient)
  • upload in batches
  • group folder/files (without exceeding the max. file size) in zipped format

Thank you so much for the quick and thorough response.