Libffi-devel from SOGo missing from nethserver repo


TLDR: Could it be possible to include the libffi-devel packaqe linked to the libffi rpm which is taken from the SOGo repository by nethserver?


I am having issues installing the letsencrypt client on my nethserver installation.

There is a version missmatch between the libffi package installed (from the nethserver-base repo) and the libffi-devel one available (from the centos-base repo) preventing the installation script to work.

The error message indicates a missmatch between the two packages :

Error:  Multilib version problems found. This often means that the root
   cause is something else and multilib version checking is just
   pointing out that there is a problem. Eg.:

     1. You have an upgrade for libffi which is missing some
        dependency that another package requires. Yum is trying to
        solve this by installing an older version of libffi of the
        different architecture. If you exclude the bad architecture
        yum will tell you what the root cause is (which package
        requires what). You can try redoing the upgrade with
        --exclude libffi.otherarch ... this should give you an error
        message showing the root cause of the problem.

     2. You have multiple architectures of libffi installed, but
        yum can only see an upgrade for one of those arcitectures.
        If you don't want/need both architectures anymore then you
        can remove the one with the missing update and everything
        will work.

     3. You have duplicate versions of libffi installed already.
        You can use "yum check" to get yum show these errors. can also use --setopt=protected_multilib=false to remove
   this checking, however this is almost never the correct thing to
   do as something else is very likely to go wrong (often causing
   much more problems).

   Protected multilib versions: libffi-3.0.5-3.2.el6.i686 != libffi-3.0.10-1.x86_64
Could not install additional dependencies. Aborting bootstrap!

Here is the available version from default repositories:

[root@thermos ~/]# yum info libffi-devel
Available Packages
Name        : libffi-devel
Version     : 3.0.5
Repo        : centos-base

[root@thermos ~/]# yum info libffi
Installed Packages
Name        : libffi
Version     : 3.0.10
From repo   : nethserver-base

The workaround I used is to manually add the SOGo repository to /etc/yum.repos.d/, disable it to avoid any problem. Then install the requisite package with the arg --enablerepo=sogo

[root@thermos ~/]# yum info libffi-devel
Installed Packages
Name        : libffi-devel
Version     : 3.0.10
Repo        : sogo

Available Packages
Name        : libffi-devel
Version     : 3.0.5
Repo        : centos-base

If you could directly add it to the nethserver one, it would be much simpler to us :wink:

It seems reasonable. Luckily, on ns7 SOGo uses upstream libffi and letsencrypt could become a standard component of NethServer.

Also “yum localinstall” might work!

Is now ready for our mirrors!

I’m looking forward to knowing how it goes with Letsencrypt :wink:

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Sorry, it seems I’ve missed this thread.
As you may know, we run Letsencrypt on since their beta period and I don’t remember we had issues with libffi.
Maybe it’s due to an updates Letsencrypt client software?
Are you using their official python client? We needed a newer python version from SCL, do you know if it’s still true?