LetsEncrypt: ImportError: No module named OpenSSL

Getting the following error in both the webui and from shell when using “certbot --renew” when trying to update my letsencrypt certficate with a new subdomain:

Not sure how to troubleshoot this, im weak with python modules. I did attempt to reinstall nethserver-letsencrypt with no luck.

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: nethserver-letsencrypt

Does it makes any difference reinstalling pyOpenSSL?

yum reinstall pyOpenSSL

That failed me, however it turned out that the pip module “requests” had been updated to a newer version than the pyOpenSSL rpm called for. I downgraded the package and it’s working again.

Now if only I could find the person who was upgrading pip moudules on this box! :expressionless: