Letsencrypt for a sub domain

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: Sogo, Nextcloud

Hello Guys

I am reading a lot about letsencrypt now i am realy confused and i take the same chance two times.
Now i am installing a fresh _Neth 7.7. with lokal AD, Sogo, and Nexcloud. My Homecloud is hängig on the extenle Internet over IP4 with a Dynamic adress. My Domain with Hompage ha a option for DynIP so i get a well known IP4 . The second one using a fix IP4 in the Inernet.

Both using a subdomain like neth.mydom.de one with fix IP one with a dynamic IP4.

I can config the character of the connet like MX or A record… But i didnt had the control over the DNS Server. The Server for the subdomains are in my hand, and thy are selfhosted in the office.

What kind of a certificate i need and whats ist to to do?

I know the is a tool acm… to renew them .

but before i need a certificate…

Is there a How to do ?

Thx Axel

PS take care about all kind of viruses

You should be able to get a cert for any name that publicly resolves to your Neth box using the built-in Let’s Encrypt support–see:

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Hello Dan

THX for help. My missunderstanding was the creation of the Letsencrypt zert…
Neth solution is running fine :slight_smile: building dircet from Admin Webside :slight_smile: that was to easy… If somebody reading all the papers :wink:

thx Axel