Let's meet up at Fosdem 2016!

Hi folks,
as every year we’re going to FOSDEM! 30 & 31 January 2016
Save the date! I wondered if someone else can get there. I know it’s easier for European people, and less for others but It might be an amazing opportunity to meet up, chat, and drink a beer togheter
Part of the NethServer community will be there definitely! I’m working on getting accepted a talk about NethServer and having a booth with a bunch of materials: stickers, shirts, flyers, posters and things like that.
Hope some of you can make it


I’d like to bump this discussion with a few updates

  • I’m submitting a talk called: Linux Server Administration for non-expert users - HowTo save the life of your IT team
  • I’m working on a new talk called: HowTo build a community from scratch to 2k posts in 6 months
  • I sent a request for a stand where we can share information, demo software, sell merchandise, give away goodies, and so on, and personally interact with the visitors.

We’re planning a “NethServer Party at Fosdem” just a dinner with all of us, venue is coming, but date is decided Saturday, January 30th

Said that, I can confirm the participation of these members: me, @giacomo, @filippo_carletti, @nrauso, @edoardo_spadoni, @alep, @Stll0, @syntaxerrormmm, @stephdl
Also, a few people are thinking about: @dz00te

Anyone else? For instance, @Nas @Paulo_Rodrigues @Carlos_Fernandez_S @Uros_Benkic @Yure @Rustie @GG_jr @ZiemaF @Jonathan_Mos @lucius @advcorp @Provolino72 @andreac @nardellu @Technet @mdv @vylan @Pascal_Michard @gerald_FS @thorsten @FenyX @Vitellius @Wolfgang_Hofer @Dan_Kennedy @rowihei @rantzauer @fasttech @Andi_Domi @islipfd19 @Crazyusb @Ctek @warren_midgley @jelle @pierre_bourdin @transocean @gsiotas @marc_angio @T_C @bernhard @jonathan_young @malvank @JOduMonT @medworthy @WolfAddict @AbsyntH


I’m investigating, but I’m probably taking with me all the people from BgLUG that are coming to FOSDEM (which are about 10 people). I’m asking them, I plan to have a sort of confirmation in some days :wink:

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Whoa! That’s great, we definitely want you at our Party! :smiley:

If i win the lottery i might go :smiley:


Confirmed. Count nine more people other than me, if needed I will provide you the names :slight_smile:

Don’t worry no names needed, @dz00te are you going to be one of us? @nas @Ctek @GG_jr @JOduMonT ?

Me too!

Thank you Alessio for the invitation!

Noo the event is free, hotels are cheap, flight is short! We’ll offer the beers! :wink: what’s missing?

Some of us! :cry:

i would go too… i just don’t know if i could come…i will let you know. and thanks for invitation. @alefattorini but i will try to come

Whoa!! Great news, the yellow snake @Ctek has confirmed just now his presence at FOSDEM! :grin:
Will be nice to meet him and have a drink  :yum: :beer:

@robb can I add your name to my list? :smile:
Anyone else?

Good! Great news, looking forward to our great party!

I’ll try to attend Fosdem. NO PROMISES! :stuck_out_tongue:
I will see if I can schedule it between family activities. (I must be lucky being so close I guess. (Only 1 hour drive/train from my home)

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Making a recap, I can confirm the participation of these members: Me @giacomo, @filippo_carletti, @nrauso, @edoardo_spadoni, @alep, @Stll0, @syntaxerrormmm (and others), @stephdl @dz00te @robb @Ctek


Yep hotel and plane booked


I’ll reserve the weekend. I don’t know if I can be there 2 days, but I will be there at least on Saturday.


perhaps someone may be interested
the day before fosdem, always in Brussels:
CentOS Dojo Brussels, Belgium, Friday 29th January 2016

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Boarding pass printed, the event is soon now :stuck_out_tongue: