Lets Encrypt update - open required ports on schedule

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: web_hosting

Hi, I have NethServer 7 up and running with one web site hosted under the virtual hosts.
I then selected the Lets Encrypt link and it has updated the certificate - very nice.
anyway I know it will at some stage over the next 3 months try and renew the certificate over the http port 80. I was thinking of just opening that port when needed.
So can someone tell me how I can find out when it will next update ?
I have looked at the DNS hosting side of it but my DNS is not hosted with a site that supports other measures.
So looking for an easy way to have the certificate update work.

That “easy way” is to leave port 80 open–which you really should do if you’re doing web hosting anyway.

Hi and welcome in world of nethserver.

usually the certificate update happens four weeks before the regular expiration. I have a similar situation here and i am also always a bit apprehensive about permanently opening port 80 to the internal network. I always open port 80 one day before the four week period starts to run. The next day, the extension is automatic. After that, I close port 80 again and enjoy my life.



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Thanks for your reply, I will follow your four weeks schedule and see how it goes.