Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate on Local Server

Hello everyone, I have a local server in the company and I need to put a certificate on it so that they can use the email through the Nethserver, because when I configure the Nethserver in the users’ Outlook for not having a certificate, Outlook will get error messages, if I put the server with dns for example: nethserver.empresa.com.br and release port 80 to just install the certificate, can I install and use it locally?

Also port 443.

I did and installed the certificate through the Nethserver without errors, so I configured the address of nethserver.com.br on the local DNS server, but when pinging it responds more in the browser I can’t access it

Now issue seems more as network design that certificates…

Hi @onlitec

A few questions:

Is your NethServer your Firewall / Gateway (2 NICs) or is another box your firewall? If so, what is your firewall / gateway.

If making DNS entries on NethServer, use the LAN IP of your NethServer, not the external IP.

My 2 cents

The Nethsserver has only one network card and it is not the Network Gateway, but we have a DNS server on the network which is the Gateway