Let's Encrypt not working

Operating system: NethSecurity 8 23.05.3-ns.0.0.3-rc1
All Let’s Encrypt certs are pending.
Logs show " Apr 12 11:13:50 NethSec acme: Option “standalone” is deprecated."

I know that acme has been updated on the latest OpenWrt because of a bug.
But I did not test it.

Before trying to reproduce, are you sure that your machine meets all the requirements?

Yes, ports 443 and 80 are open from the internet to NethSecurity. I tested this on the previous version and it worked successfully in in that version.

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It seems I can reproduce, try to execute from command line:

/etc/init.d/acme restart

It should give this error:

acme: Option "standalone" is deprecated.
acme: Please set "option validation_method standalone".
/usr/lib/acme/hook: line 47: keylength: parameter not set

There is an upstream issue, but the fix seems not related.

I will search for a fix next week.
Thanks for reporting!

I’ve opened an issue: Let’s Encrypt not working · Issue #417 · NethServer/nethsecurity · GitHub

It’s already fixed inside the image Let’s Encrypt not working · Issue #417 · NethServer/nethsecurity · GitHub