Lets encrypt Logfiles are not deleted / packed

Again I am not shure if this is a bug:

I collect more and more lets encrypt logfiles, one per day. Currently I am no No 107 (form the date I started to use lets encrypt certificates). Is there (no) log rotate / package routine for lets encrypt? If so, how should it work?


By default logs are rotated weekly and kept for 4 weeks.


Do you really have a new /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log every day? Are there errors in the logfile?

Well, certbot renew should run every day (though in my case it seems to be running a few times a day), and yes, a log file is created every time it runs. I’m up to 368 of them.

You are right, there are a lot of logfiles:

By default certbot will begin rotating logs once there are 1000 logs in the log directory.

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That seems like a pretty high log limit, but it’s not like they’re taking a lot of space (my 368 logs consume 2.4 MB).

Yes, disk space is not a problem - I found it somehow confusing and 1000 files on the Nethserver Logfile view is not really nice, err?

We could change NS script to set a different default for --max-log-backups option, but then we need to add a new logrotate configuration.

IMHO, I would not change anything if there is no real problem on disk space occupation.

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