Let's encrypt custom cert

Hi there family it’s been a while since we last spoke

I would like to install a validate green ssl certificate from let’s encrypt, without warnings when people navigate into my web services… into nethserver I saw Acme cloudflare how to, but am afraid brake something into certificate.

If someone has the step by step or would like to give me a hand on it, I gladly appreciate that.

Thank you all

Ordinarily you’d do that through the Cockpit dashboard, System -> Certificates. See:

Was there something about this that didn’t work?

I access through VPN and local ip assumes the new certificate but not validated, from outside I try to access my nextcloud and the certificate is from nethserver domain… Instead the new one that I set by default which he see it internally, but again without seeing as valid ssl certificate from my registrar, I have bought one to the same domain dv ssl certificate

Second one from nethserver ssl détail over vpn

That’s to be expected–the cert covers the name, not the IP address. But as to the rest, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re saying.

pi hole is the dns resolver on 80

My final objective is to have a valid ssl on my sites which they’re active in nethcloud webproxy

Accessing into my nextcloud from outside
The certificate is from nethserver active directory domain tpt.local…sorry a little bit lost

I redirect 443 to 444 for Nextcloud container from nethserver… Hummmmmmmm🤔

But even by that nethserver should receive the certificate over 80 or 443

And then it will deliver to whatever web app if I leave the ports 443 and 80 by default