Let's Encrypt and old software/devices

Just a heads up about Let’s Encrypt and old Android versions:

Some software that hasn’t been updated since 2016 (approximately when our root was accepted to many root programs) still doesn’t trust our root certificate, ISRG Root X1. Most notably, this includes versions of Android prior to 7.1.1. That means those older versions of Android will no longer trust certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt.

There will be site owners that receive complaints from users and we are empathetic to that being not ideal. We’re working hard to alert site owners so you can plan and prepare.

My old 6.0 android Smartphone is going to be refurbished as PNA.
My current 10 android Smartphone is waiting the green poison…

My old phone has become my new phone when I flashed it to LineageOS 17.1(Android 10) A new battery is on it’s way so the less-than-1-day operation time will be brought up to 3 days again.
(btw, I have a Xiaomi MI 5)

With a newer Android? I bet on no more than two days.

no GAPPS installed. That saves a bunch.

I also flashed my nearly 5 years old phone with LineageOS. Works well (ignoring sensors are not working). Not so old to throw it away despite manufacturers keep dropping support after a few years.

In any case, by my opinion, change android phone for an more recent one is anyway a good idea.