Legacy support for file shares

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: File Server

I have a question related to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 compatibility related to accessing file shares.

I recently set up a new Nethserver in a small office environment that will soon replace the Windows Server 2003 and I need it and a couple of Windows XP hosts to connect to file shares that I set up on the new Nethserver. These hosts are on the same subnet as the new Nethserver and they are NOT joined to the Nethserver domain. I can successfully connect to the shares this same way with Win10 hosts, but though I can see the shares, the XP and Server 2003 hosts fail every time with the same exact credentials.

Before anyone goes down the road of telling me how horrible it is to have XP and Server 2003 still running in a production environment, trust me…I know. We are working to retire/replace them as soon as we can, however, one of the steps in the process of migration from these legacy systems is our connecting to the Nethserver file shares.

So, how can I make the newest version of Nethserver compatible with these legacy systems?

I appreciate any help you all can provide.



Look for “SMBv1” on Discourse. Many answers could be found.

As I wrote on GDPR topic… time to cut the rope. If it’s necessary to connect old machines to the network, put and intermediate device for regulate connections and access.

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Is there a specific reason that you must have windows XP clients? (for instance because of legacy software)?
If not, consider using a linux distribution on the XP machines as OS. You will not have the deprecated garbage form winXP. With any linux client you will be able to access the samba shares just fine. (and the use of a modern windowmanager on linux is equally easy as using windows).

Thanks for the replies.

I will look for “SMBv1” and report back. Thanks for the direction there.

As for the specific reason why I must have XP clients, there is only a temporary need. We are accessing the network remotely at the moment because of the distance from them to us and the next step in our upgrade process is moving files from the Windows 2003 server to the new Nethserver install. There are plans for another onsite workday, but we need to have these file shares in place prior to that workday.

I should also mention that the network that these legacy devices is on is an isolated environment.

I’ve been down that road…
What helps:

I’m assuming the XP are joined to a AD provided by the mentioned W2003 Server.

The NethServer should be your future DNS / DHCP Server but DHCP is not a requirement.

Set the old AD-Domain inside your NethServer DNS, like server.local =

Don’t forget to set the name with and without caps!
Also enter in the shortform (NETBIOS) name of your AD

In the NethServer (newer) AD, set the IP of it in your WINS section of the Network Config on your client machines.
By hand, if not using DHCP.

Using a manual login (The Username part should be the same on NethServer as on old Windows Server) you should be able to get a consistant Network drive…

Using that trick, I was also get the old Windows Server to connect to the Nethserver, to copy files over faster…

Works for Win2003, 2008, 2011…

My 2 cents
Andy Wismer

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@atombcss any news?

Success! After reviewing some of the information under the search of “SMBv1”, I played around with adding “server signing = auto” to the global section of smb.conf. I added the above parameter inside the AD container (at /var/lib/machines/nsdc/etc/samba) and now the XP hosts and the Windows Server 2003 host are able to connect into the shares.

The “auto” setting allows SMBv1.


Now on to copying files. Appreciate the feedback.

Appreciate your thoughts on this as well. If the smb.conf edits didn’t work out, I was going to try your approach next.

I am glad you got it to work with legacy SMB settings. However, I am curious why you didn’t use winscp or putty to transfer the directories from the windows server to NethServer?

@giacomo this edit could be “overwritten” by an update of NSDC?

It shouldn’t be overwritten since it’s a procedure also describe inside the manual:

@robb, we actually used Robocopy with parameters set to incrementally keep it up to date so that we could get the bulk of the files moved over now and keep it current between now and when we can get that onsite visit scheduled to officially migrate away from the Win2003 server.

/etc/samba/smb.conf is overwritten by NS…

================= DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE =================

Manual changes will be lost when this file is regenerated.

Please read the developer’s guide, which is available
at NethServer official site: https://www.nethserver.org

but the one in the container does not contain the same warning, so it appears that it will not be as @giacomo also noted.

The official migration from Win Server 2003 happened last week and Nethserver is working perfectly for our application even with the hosts requiring SMBv1.