Learning Management System in Nethserver

First, greetings to our global tribe :globe_with_meridians:

Encouraged by the support to projects in the line of LinuxSchools is a good idea to address a topic related to the LMS (Learning Management Systems)

Exploring get interesting that we have initiated talks about Moodle, Chamilo and Xerte . We know there are many more options. However I would like to invite our attention to OpenEDX, LMS being in high demand lately. (So far I have not planned to install but it is a goal of our community in Venezuela)

If you know other LMS that you like this is the place for presentation . Then we can test and possibly add them to the Software Center .

P.D.: We can also talk about the three we mentioned initially :wink:

What is important, is that an LMS is chosen that actualy gets used. For each school there might be individual reasons to choose a specific LMS. Personally I am familiar with Chamilo and Moodle. But before making any choice, it would be a good practice to evaluate several LMS systems.

The mentioned Xerte Online Toolkits is NOT an LMS. It is a learningobject authoring tool and is designed to be used to create content for LMS systems. I don’t know any other authoring tools that give the options that Xerte gives.

I also think one of the things must be that the LMS is opensource.
When I look at http://alternativeto.net/software/moodle/?license=opensource&platform=online there is already a large list of options. Anyone knows more?

After investigating all options we can select a longlist and after defining a featurelist I think we should create a features matrix and after that a shortlist.

Maybe more than 1 option needs to be developed as a module, I don’t know. Lets hear all the possible options.

I was looking for an LMS matrix and found a rather extensive document that helps choosing an LMS: http://www.adlnet.gov/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Choosing-an-LMS-1.pdf Maybe we can use this info.

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Awesome. AlternativeTo is an excellent place for these cases consultation. However Xerte is not there. In these cases I consulted the Internet as follows : " Xerte vs "

:tada: in this way I have come to this table with two alternatives to Xerte : EXE and GloMaker:


:book: The document you have shared is very useful and interesting. It’s very recent information, with the added value of the license. :sunglasses: Enormously grateful!

Excellent guide for choosing this type of resource.

The huge difference between EXE and Xerte is the ability to cooperate in creating learning objects. EXE is only a desktop application where Xerte is webbased and you can work with more persons on the same object.
I didn’t know GloMaker. I will look into that.

I added Xerte online Toolkits to alternativeto.net
btw, you realize GLOmaker is Adobe AIR based? And Adobe AIR is a big NO-NO for linux systems… :frowning:
(uhm… seems Adobe AIR is available on linux. Here are installation instructions for Ubuntu: https://www.tkalin.com/blog_posts/installing-adobe-air-and-elance-tracker-on-ubuntu-13-10-saucy-salamander-64-bit/
I just don’t know if I want Adobe AIR… :open_mouth:

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Excellent contribution to AlternativeTo site. Collective intelligence will tell if there is another similar Free and open source.

My mistake was not checking. Truly sorry. A requirement for projects with the venezuelan State is that development should be strictly free software.

… that will never happen again, Number 1! :smile: