Ldap user access

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: LDAP

I’m testing Nethserver with LDAP and Webserver for an intranet.
I have created a virtualhost for wordpress.
I have successfully install wordpress, phpmyadmin and Mariadb.
I have install a module on wordpress to login with existing user on the Nethserver.
How create a user on Nethserver to access on the database of Ldap ?
I try to access with admin but it return “invalid credential”.

Thank’s for your help !

Sorry i found the user ldapservice and i have found the password with car /var/lib/nethserver/secrets/ldapservice.

You can create LDAP user through Provider Account page on Server Manager.
(I think wordpress users are not LDAP users…)
If you want create mysql user you have to access to mysql from CLI and user grant command.

Thank’s for your answer.
I need Ldap because i want to offer an internal web mail for all employees with roundcube.

Ok. You can create LDAP account from server manager. If you Think that you’ll use shared folders I suggest you to use Active Directory.