LDap to Siemens DM720

Hello to everbody, it’s the first time i Write here. Had somebody configured the LDAP speed dials into the DM720 Siemens? I’d try but it wasen’t succesfull.

No I didn’t, but do you get an error message by trying it? Perhaps we can find something out with it.
If you get one feel fre to post it.

Did you use Samba or openLDAP?

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Thankyou Just for your answer i think i’ll be to our client in these days so i can say you more.

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Hye Mike, as you answer me, i use Ldap for comunicate Speed dials inside the Nethvoice to the DM720.
The problem i that it seems to comicate with the Ldap server but what i had isn’t reedable.

Can you post some logs so we can have an idea what kind of errors you get when trying to read from LDAP?

i can’t give you any errors, the problem is that configuring as you can sea below.

i had for all the voices of my speed dials, in the enter, one only name for everybody and for them the same number.
So i can sea all the names, but if i click there will appear one and only same name and his number.