LDAP Error preventing login

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: ldap

All of my users are getting “denied access”

With Nethserver I see the following error:
LDAP client internal error (AccountProvider_Error_82)

When I search this the most common answer is restart nscd but that service is not included with my version of Nethserver. I need help.


Are all necessary services running?
I see 7.6.1810, was the server updated recently?
When it was rebooted the last time?
How long ago did latest backup run?

Yes, all services are running. I did try restarting SMB and SSSD.

I did update the server when I began experiencing issues but otherwise no. It had been restarted approximately 3 weeks ago. Data is backed up nightly and the VM image weekly.

I rolled back to the backup of the VM image and it is now working again. The issue with LDAP remains so it is probably unrelated to whatever transpired.

If I could fix that, though, I also see this error in the logs:

“Realm not local to KDC. Unable to create GSSAPI-encrypted LDAP connection”


“S30nethserver-sssd-initkeytabs #4 (exit status 1280)”