LDAP contact list for domain?

LDAP address books? I’ve been reading for 3 hours and i cannot seem to find any documentation on configuing a global address book populated from my LDAP directory… I use UCS as my AD domain, nethserver joined and trying Webtop5 groupware.

configuring the domain to log in works great, but I need to be able to pull contacts from LDAP for internal emails.

Is this possible?


Webtop 5 is autoconfigured to bind to the remote provider account and no other data is imported from the external LDAP.

But I can add that the autocompletion of email addresses on WebTop 5 also queries the local user base (only users who have an active profile on webtop) by proposing internal mails automatically.

I do not know if it’s enough :wink:

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Hi Luca, that would be a great addition, can I request LDAP address book as a new feature? It would be excellent if a configurable group can be added, and display all users from the LDAP/AD group. I am testing between SoGo and Webtop5 to see which one will work the best. I really like the look and feel of Webtop5, but some important features are missing in my opinion. Great software nonetheless!!

I also have one other question, but related to calendars so I will create a new thread for that.

Hi, the configured ldap directory for authentication is already available on suggestions while writing emails.


Hi Gabriele, I’m not sure I understand what you mean… I understand I can authenticate with LDAP… My question is pulling contacts from LDAP. Almost all groupware packages I have used have the ability to see realtime contacts based on group membership in AD / LDAP.

It seems Webtop does not have this functionality, even tho I really like the webtop interface, I have to stay with SOGo as this is available. Not able to sync email with EAS is also an issue.

Thanks for your help, I will keep checking in with Webtop for future releases, maybe these will be added.

We don’t show the LDAP users on the Contacts service, this is true, but they’re autoamtically checked and suggested while you write an email, while typing contacts on recipients.
Syncing emails with EAS is possible but not suggested - EAS protocol for email is a hassle.
We suggest to stick to IMAPS, which is the standard protocol for emails.


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Also, keep in mind that WebTop is designed to be used on the web as the main interface, while other access protocols are for minor device usages.
You will always loose functionalities if you just use it as a backend for “old-style” clients.


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I understand that, however my users are not super savy, and I don’t want to spend time supporting several configurations in order to get mail, calendaring, and tasks configured on each phone… I write one “set up mail on your phone” document and everything works. EAS has always worked for us and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible, web-mail is used very little, I am using SOGo mainly for easy setup of EAS on devices.

Thanks for the reply nontheless, WebTop does look great, it just isn’t what i’m needing right now.