Ldap account manager needs testers

LAM (ldap account manager) is a web application to browse a LDAP

designed to manage a local LDAP, I need probably to fix it if needed a for a remote LDAP

since we could have several LDAP on the same server, then you can install several lam on the same server, each will use a FQDN

the default password is lam to manage the settings (LAM configuration) of the webapp, think to change it once you have visited the parameters of LAM

for the LDAP you start with a fixed list of users (each uses its credential obviously) but you could switch to a search login, then you have to provide a user of the LDAP, but to modify the ldap you need to be an admin

to install add-module ghcr.io/stephdl/lam:1.0.0-dev.9


I can modify a remote samba account of Netheserver, obviously I needed to use the administrator

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Tested on a Rocky node with local openldap and it just worked! :+1:




looking into lam i find this

is that the UUID thats ussually used inside nextcloud?

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I could be wrong but I am not sure, except if you can find the same ldap field in openldap


Hi, I was testing LDAP Account Manager if NS8 is a Domain Member (Windows Server 2022). It works, thank you @stephdl!