Latest update breaks FreePBX

Hi All,

I have just appliedthe latest updates to my installation: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final) and it has broken FreePBX whch now says “Can Not Connect to Asterisk”. Also all the phones deregister. If I restore a backup prior to applying the Asterisk updates in the software center everything is fine again.

Can anyone help? I sure would like to be able to update! If you need any more info, please let me know.

Thanks for your help


Can’t reproduce it
Is Asterisk running?
# systemctl status asterisk
If not, try to start it
# systemctl start asterisk
and check for errors
# journalctl -xa

if it is running, check that secret into /etc/asterisk/manager.conf is the same of the one into freepbx database:
# mysql asterisk -e 'select value from freepbx_settings where keyword = "AMPMGRPASS"'


Is the problem solved? If so, please tell us how…


Sorry not to have come back to you on this. I will check tomorrow and report back.

Thanks for your help.

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Really sorry not to have got round to this sooner. I have applied all the latest updates and the problem seems to have gone away. Not sure how it was caused originally, but many thanks for your help!

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