Language german (Cosmetics)

location: /nethserver#/storage


Fährt is driving, better words:

Aktiv (active)
Nutzung (in use)


Hi @Sasa and welcome to the NethServer community.
I am glad you found a translation ommition. The even better news is you can change this yourself by creating a transifex account and join the translation effort for the German NethServer translation group.
@gerald_FS is translation coordibator for the German localization. Please contact him to have you added to the German translation team on transifex.

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This is a very funny translation, but it is not possible to translate it on transiflex.

Kofferraum = the car’s trunk, like: Spare wheel attached to the boot on vintage cars.


@capote thaths almost funny enough to keep it that way… :smiley:
Feel free to contact @gerald_FS so you can moduify the error.

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Hi there!

I also searched at Transifex but the terms are nowhere to be found …

However, in my browser this does not appear that way … I have a better translation.