LAN to WAN Alias

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009

Hi to All,

maybe the question is been anwsered before, but i didn’t find it on my own. To be honest, not the networking guru like most of you as is looked around, but i will give it a shot!

I have 2 WAN connections. Main and Backup.
The main WAN is a /29 range. So after setting is up, its now time to use a second WAN ip. (we’re going to NethServer step by step and learning on the job.) WAN range is x.x.x.80/29

for now we’ve only accessed the internet with x.x.x.83. Now i’ve added x.x.x.82 as an alias on the WAN red interface.

all green ones did uptil now go to internet with that red interface with ip x.x.x.83

Now i want that LAN3 ( goes with x.x.x.82 (keeping the others green ones at x.x.x.83)

How do i do this.

Thanks for thinking along!


Why an alias? Why not a vLAN or another adapter?

for now i would say. Because i dont have the physical NICS for it. and it is basicly 1 physical NIC with a /29 to internet.

Let me ask it diffently, always happy to learn and discuss… How would you set it up?

In my personal opinion…

Best option: phisical NIC as WAN2, with the management of spillover/failover.
Second best option: tagged vLAN on the same network interface, for “output” via switch to untagged port on the vLAN of the secondary WAN Router. vLAN is still considered as “interface” from NethServer, like a phisical one. (assuming that the WAN2 Router cannot be configured for use vLANS)
Duct-Tape option: USB NIC (triple check CentOS 7 compatibility OOB or via package/repository).

Assuming a bare metal installation and not a virtualized one…

it’s on a virtual machine. With network config with multiple Green Networks/vlans. Try to bind some vlans (now green,later orange, maybe blue) to their on public ip.

specific in this case on vlan 30 ( i have a ipsec tunnel to a LTE router. this tunnel connects on x.x.x.82 (local/remote subnets ↔ from Nethserver ( i can ping the remote host ( but going from a machine in the 10.0.30.x subnet… it trys to go to x.x.x.83 instead of the x.x.x.82… Maybe i’m missing something completely here (can be… as i said, not my confortzone, but like it to get this on the road). so please dont shoot me if i says or think something stupid…

I carry no weapon (except dumbness :slight_smile: )
Providing this kind of information (virtual machine and so on) in first post could help a lot for design “possible solutions” o report compliant experiences :wink: