LAN not reacheable, WAN reacheable

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804
Module: your_module

I have an odd situation. I have installed Nethserver under Hyper-V, on a Win10Pro machine. I have configured the virtual switch in Hyper-V but probably something is missing.
After the intallation the NethServer can connect to internet (ping and yum update working), I can ping the gateway, but I cannot ping other machines in the LAN, nor the server can be reached or pinged on LAN. The webgui is therefore not visible, nor is ssh console (obviously, I know)

I cannot point my finger to where the issue could be though. I am not a fan or expert of Hyper-V so I believe it is on that side the problem.
Can anyone please advice?

Is the networking trhough NAT or through bridge?
I am not too familiar with Hyper-V, but I can imagine Hyper-V has several options to configure networking, just like for instance VirtualBox has…?
If NAT is used, the green interface is on a different subnet and thus not reachable from your LAN.

Thanks for reply.
I will verify h-v networking methods.

At the moment I only know it uses a virtual switch connected (in my setup) at the physical NIC.

Nethserver gets the IP from the LAN dhcp as all other devices in the network so it really should be able to ‘see’ them all. Unless it is a matter of protocols allowed?

Did you get an IP in the range of your lan? ( ip -a )

If you have an ip in the range off Hyper-V gave you an internal ip/connection.

This switch setting works for me:

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Hello Mark,

Yes the IP is in the LAN range (192.168.x.x.) and it is delivered by the LAN dhcp. I tried to release and reassign (dhclient -v -r and dhclient -v). I see all the communication with dhcp correct. The I can ping the gateway on that same 192… network and can see ‘the internet’.

I just can see or be seen within LAN.

It does not look like a hyper-v NAT problem.

I keep looking.

Thanks meanwhile

can give the (anonymized) output of

db networks show


this is.
I have only one interface. On green side.
I will add more, to use nethserver features. But atm I need to make this work.

Ok, thanks for the help but I am not for patience in this period.
I deleted the VM and rebuilding everything. Will let you know if this removes the issue.

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Just for the records.
I deleted the vm, and all the vswitches from Hyper-V.
Rebuilt only one vSwitch connected to the physical NIC.
I recreated the vm with nethserver, manual configuration.

Now all works fine.
I am not any wiser as for the root cause of the issues, but now at least I can work on the server and keep going.
Sorry for not adding any knowledge to the group and thanks for help.


Nice to read you got sorted out!

Actually you did give me an new insight. It turns out Hyper-V can virtualize UEFI on traditional BIOS hardware. I was looking for that. :grinning:

Ok. Nice to hear you seized an opportunity for improvement :slight_smile: