Lan issues to create a new network (Novice)

gd day. Please I have a pc with two cards unconfigured and a router that will connect to the pc. meanwhile the routers id is while my public ip is please what ip addresses can be configured on the two cards on the pc. (one card receives from the router while the second card will forward packets to a switch to enable other connected computers access to internet and other resources… Please your contributions are highly welcome. Thank you.


Hi Emmanuel

Welcome to the NethServer community!

You already have a router with two Interfaces (One LAN, the other Internet), as far as I read your post…
Why would you want to put in another box to do the same job as the other box?
It wastes electricity, and produces heat & noise. It is, after all, an old PC, not something efficient like a PCengines board…

It might also help, If you describe what you’re trying to achieve…

I want to be able to remote control my PC from over the Internet.
I want guests to connect to a folder on my PC…

Something simple like that, and we could maybe give good suggestions or pointers… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

This is very power efficient, completly silent, and costs without casing or power brick 120$, maybe 150$ all included…

That’s BTW what I’m using at home… (OPNsense as Firewall!)

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