LAN connection drops exactly every hour after reboot


(Klaus Koehler) #1

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611

I had gotten a new modem (Netgear CM500) so I had to setup a gateway (my last modem was a combo) Once I was done fiddling with my Nethserver install that I was using for mail and web I had gotten DHCP and some port forwards in. I had a few issues of loosing connection so I didn’t think much of it the first few times so I restarted the Nethserver virtual machine. I found out later on that the internet connection was dropping exactly every hour.

I’m running Nethserver on Proxmox on a Dell PowerEdge R610

(Markus Neuberger) #2

Hi @DoctorAnoniem,

Did you contact your ISP? Maybe the new modem is the problem as it’s the thing changed in your network.

How do you connect to the modem/internet(static, DHCP, PPPOE)?
How are green and red interface configured?

When the connection drops(just some ideas):

  • What’s in the logs, like /var/log/messages or /var/log/firewall.log?
  • Can you ping your modem from LAN or from Nethserver?
  • Can you ping your Nethserver from LAN?
  • Can you ping from LAN or from Nethserver?
  • Does restarting only the modem help?
  • Does another device(laptop instead of Nethserver) have a stable connection?

Could also be a Proxmox problem:

(Klaus Koehler) #3

I can check the logs when I get home from work but for your other questions

I did contact my ISP and they were able to read the modem. It also still gave internet as I was able to ping if I plugged into it directly.

The way I have been able to fix it is by restarting Nethserver so I don’t think it’s a proxmox issue.

Also when the connection drops everything drops.

(Markus Neuberger) #4

Don’t know exactly how proxmox handles it, but there may be an interface for bridging from physical host to virtual machines. In other vm environments I know better, this interface could make problems.

So Nethserver is just not available anymore but proxmox still reachable and internet without Nethserver too? Looks like network config or/in virtualization problem…

Thanks, I think they may help a lot.

And please don’t forget: :slight_smile:

And the network configuration of the proxmox interfaces would also be interesting…

(Klaus Koehler) #5

I connect to the modem via DHCP and I have the red configured as DHCP to the modem and green is configured static firewall.log messages

that’s in the logs where it looks like things went wrong. I restarted Nethserver again when I got home and internet came back up so I can check logs when it happens again.

(Markus Neuberger) #6

What about setting static addresses for vmbr1 on proxmox and for red interface on Nethserver VM?
Just an idea…

Changing your config from proxmox being just a server with bridge to Nethserver VM, being just a server to proxmox is a router now and Nethserver VM too, is not so easy.

Sorry, I don’t have a Proxmox test system… :worried:

Here some networking/routing tips for Proxmox:

More to read…
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