LAN connection drops exactly every hour after reboot

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611

I had gotten a new modem (Netgear CM500) so I had to setup a gateway (my last modem was a combo) Once I was done fiddling with my Nethserver install that I was using for mail and web I had gotten DHCP and some port forwards in. I had a few issues of loosing connection so I didn’t think much of it the first few times so I restarted the Nethserver virtual machine. I found out later on that the internet connection was dropping exactly every hour.

I’m running Nethserver on Proxmox on a Dell PowerEdge R610

Hi @DoctorAnoniem,

Did you contact your ISP? Maybe the new modem is the problem as it’s the thing changed in your network.

How do you connect to the modem/internet(static, DHCP, PPPOE)?
How are green and red interface configured?

When the connection drops(just some ideas):

  • What’s in the logs, like /var/log/messages or /var/log/firewall.log?
  • Can you ping your modem from LAN or from Nethserver?
  • Can you ping your Nethserver from LAN?
  • Can you ping from LAN or from Nethserver?
  • Does restarting only the modem help?
  • Does another device(laptop instead of Nethserver) have a stable connection?

Could also be a Proxmox problem:

I can check the logs when I get home from work but for your other questions

I did contact my ISP and they were able to read the modem. It also still gave internet as I was able to ping if I plugged into it directly.

The way I have been able to fix it is by restarting Nethserver so I don’t think it’s a proxmox issue.

Also when the connection drops everything drops.

Don’t know exactly how proxmox handles it, but there may be an interface for bridging from physical host to virtual machines. In other vm environments I know better, this interface could make problems.

So Nethserver is just not available anymore but proxmox still reachable and internet without Nethserver too? Looks like network config or/in virtualization problem…

Thanks, I think they may help a lot.

And please don’t forget: :slight_smile:

And the network configuration of the proxmox interfaces would also be interesting…

I connect to the modem via DHCP and I have the red configured as DHCP to the modem and green is configured static

Sep 11 09:03:02 ns kernel: Shorewall:net2fw:DROP:IN=eth1 OUT= MAC=5a:fe:69:7e:8a - firewall.log
Sep 11 12:02:25 ns ntopng: 1505156545|1|3|10|Probing or server down: <A HREF='/l - messages

that’s in the logs where it looks like things went wrong. I restarted Nethserver again when I got home and internet came back up so I can check logs when it happens again.

What about setting static addresses for vmbr1 on proxmox and for red interface on Nethserver VM?
Just an idea…

Changing your config from proxmox being just a server with bridge to Nethserver VM, being just a server to proxmox is a router now and Nethserver VM too, is not so easy.

Sorry, I don’t have a Proxmox test system… :worried:

Here some networking/routing tips for Proxmox:

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