LAN clients unable to browse Internet


i am new to the forum and also to using this software. I wanted to ask for some information. I hope I wrote in the correct section of the forum. I have installed nethserver and configured the 1 wan and 1 green network cards, the users in the lan do not surf the internet and I do not understand which option to activate in order to do this. thank you all

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Hi, Simone. Welcome to the community. Yep, you posted in the correct section.
Can you briefly describe your network layout?
Just to see how the networks are isolated, how the clients are connected to the green network and if the Nethserver’s red network is the main and only gateway or it seats behind another one (ISP router/gateway…). Also if the clients use the default DNS from NethServer or have custom settings.

Can Nethserver ping the Internet (by IP address and by domain name)?
Can the clients ping NethServer’s IP address?
Can the clients ping the Internet (by IP address and by domain name)?


hi, thanks for your reply. currently nethserver is only in testing and I don’t have a real network to configure. currently I have a red card configured in this way ip subnet gw (ip modem). the lan is configured with internal ip type but this does not allow me to browse the only client and I do not understand where I am wrong. thank you

Hi Maverick for navigate all client to network need same IP class of you router gateway

Are the network cables connected to the same switch/router?

Also… would you please provide a simple layout of your network?
If you don’t have any flowchart design tool, you can take advantage of
And export the layout as .PNG file

(Clipart/Computer and Clipart/Networking for the objects)

here is my idea of ​​the network.
the nethserver has to do me from gw towards the modem and internet. all traffic must be checked by the nethserver firewall. at the moment it is all to be built

Where are you interface on nethserver? Where IP’s? Show here

Ip nethserver and green card Lan
Ip router
Ip card red
Ip blue card

these ip are just tests to understand how nethserver works

question, but on the installation of nethserver is it normal to find only the basic configurations such as network cards and that’s it and not additional packages?

Nethserver is a basic installation of Centos.
For your problem test connection point for point with ping and releave where is block

then I don’t know why I’m so unlucky. I have pre-installed nethserver 3 times and at 3 with the configurations made previously the client works while it did not browse before. I honestly did not understand what happened since now it goes and sails before nothing. I have during the installation of nethserver some parameters are not successful