Killed process rspamd - out of memory

Hi, we have newest version NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final) running with paid updates. Nethserver have 64 GB RAM and handling 2 mailboxes. After a few minutes we get all time error message

Any one a idea? Thanks

Perhaps @mrmarkuz or @stephdl have an idea.

Maybe you could test rspamd 1.9.4, i will push it to testing, actually 1.9.3 is available in testing

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yum update rspamd --enablerepo=nethserver-testing

it will upgrade to rspamd-1.9.4-2, it is a stable release that we did not release, because it doesn’t bring us new features, please test and report

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@riemensc after a reboot?
Is the server pubblicily available or behind a nat?
Is a public mailserver?
How bandwith of internet connection is managing?

I don’t think that rspamd can exhaust all memory.
You have to discover what is using all ram.
top could be a good tool, sort by em usage pressing M.
You may share the info with us pasting the output of

top -b -o +%MEM | head -n 20

Its not a public mailserver, he is behind nat with 100 mbit download 20 mbit upstream vdsl, connected. after upgrade no error.

Thank you, it works!

Keep it some days and report any problems, or mostly if it solved your issue, we could release it for everybody