Kill backup data process


I need to find a way to kill a running backup-data process. I’ve rebooted the server but the task picks up and continues, which is actually a good thing.

However, I was testing the backup-data and was backing up to a webdav on the same filesystem. So now the filesystem is growing every 5 minutes with another backup of the backuped data :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Any tips please before the FS blows up?

Ok, I went into the server manager and disabled the backup. This cancels the cron job. Then I rebooted the server and the backup process does not kick in due the cron job being removed. I could then remove the backup data and close the loop :wink:


I think you could also kill the cron job manually.
Have a look here:

Thanks, I ideed took a look at that before, but there were multiple cron processes present, and I did not want to kill the wrong one :wink: